My music collection hits 5000

OK, OK, having 5,000 songs is not that much. I've heard people with collection in the 15,000s and over. The eMule freaks, downloading 24/7 without ever actually listening to anything can easily have collections in the 50,000s.

However, I never downloaded a copyrighted song from eMule, even though my collection does not entirely consist on original CDs. Actually I downloaded a lot of albums from the Internet... namely Creative Commons music from Jamendo.

Some info about my collection (some statistics taken from the Amarok player, since around June 2006):

Total songs:        5015
  - Commercial:     3944
  - Jamendo:        1055
  - Other CC:       31
Total playing time: 1 week and 6 days
Total file size:    22GB
Song playcount:     10910
Different artists:  627
Different albums:   413
In MP3:             1562
In OGG:             3468

There is some mismatch (5030 songs, as counted from actual files (all OGG and MP3 files I have in a given directory) vs. 5015 songs as counted from the Amarok collection), but I see no easy way of filtering the 15 rogue files (update: I did, some time after writing the post).

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