App of the week: Eye of GNOME

I recently discovered this little application, and I must confess it nicely fits a niche. The Eye of GNOME (eog), is a kind of clone of the Windows default picture viewer, and is a good complement for other Linux tools like ImageMagick.

I use the display tool of the ImageMagick package for highly repetitive and/or precise transformation image watching (as in putting one image above another, then watching the result, then making the composition again if it was not OK, or resizing a set of images to a given exact percent of their original size).

On the other hand, eog is nice for watching a lot of images in a row, and having them automatically resized to fit in the watch window. eog also permits smooth scrolling with the mouse wheel, very fast image rotation, and single-click window fitting of the image.

Give it a try!

2 thoughts on “App of the week: Eye of GNOME

  1. hmm ... that sounds interesting. I'm myself a heavy user of imagemagick:display too, but it has turned pretty annoying to watch those 4Mpixel pictures that get more and more common nowadays.

  2. That's the marvel of free software: there are always more tools than you expected for any given task.

    I hope you make the best of uses of eog!

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