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I have discovered the Answers Research Journal through a mention in Nature, and the ensuing humorous comments with my DIPC colleages. Basically ARJ is a pseudo-scientific journal, with dubious quality "peer-review" system, released with the aim of publishing creationist bullshit.

One of the latest articles, for example, deals with the fascinating question of on what Day of Creation did God create microbes.

I am seriously considering publishing two journals in the same vein: the IPUS (Invisible Pink Unicorn Science) and the PNJ Pastafarian Nature Journal).

One thought on “Answers Research Journal

  1. From my blog:


    "I eagerly await the first issues of both the IPUS (PBUH) and the PNJ!

    By the way, not to spam your blog (much), but we’re having fun tracking these twoobs at

    I have also heard elsewhere that they confused “peer reveiw” with “beer reveiw”."


    "Thanks! The URL has been added to my :^)"

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