Re-partitioning a disk infected with Vista to dual-boot with Linux

Some time ago I helped a friend to install Linux into a Vista laptop (incidentally, another friend asked me about the subject today). The only aspect I'm covering in this post is the re-partitioning of the disk, which is a wee bit trickier than with XP and previous Windows versions.

With my laptop (one with XP preinstalled), I just inserted my favorite Linux CD, rebooted, and used the built-in partition utility that all Linux installation CDs have to downsize the Windows partition, and then make the Linux partitions in the remaining disk space. With Vista this is not the case. You have to be very careful, because Linux can not resize the Vista partitions (at least at the time of writing these lines). The problem is that Vista uses a modified NTFS format, and Linux can not cope with it yet (read more at my source for this info:

You can also find at a detailed HowTo for making the resizing of a partition. In summary (e.g., for shrinking a partition to make room for Linux):

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management
  2. Click on Disk Management (under Storage in left hand panel)
  3. Locate partition to shrink, right click on it, and from the context menu choose Shrink Volume
  4. Fill in the self-explanatory dialog box. Basically, enter amount of MB you want the partition to be reduced by.

You will thus end up with a smaller Vista partition, and some empty space. Now, you can insert the Linux CD, reboot, and install Linux in that empty space, without touching the Vista partition.

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