Gmail CAPTCHA broken?

I just read, through a link provided by Julen, that apparently Gmail CAPTCHA has been broken (referred to at Slashdot).

This CAPTCHA in particular is the one Google asks a new user to identify correctly to create a new Gmail account. If a robot, or any other automated process, is able to make the correct guess and pretend is a legit user, this opens the doors for massive amounts of new Gmail accounts for spammers. We'll see what comes out of that (more spam, probably).

3 thoughts on “Gmail CAPTCHA broken?

  1. Or unexpected annoying extra-captcha send by mail to gmail users that have a recently created account to have them confirm their "humanity" ?

  2. The CAPTCHA improvement vs. cracking spiral is a very interesting battlefield for testing artificial intelligence, if you think about it. It is some sort of Turing test in the end: if you absolutely can not make a test that tells a human being from an automated machine, it means that the AI has reached the level of natural intelligence.

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