Me 0 - DreamHost 1

Yesterday evening I boldly decided to upgrade WordPress (the software this blog runs on), to version 2.5. DreamHost, my hosting service, provides easy click-through installation and upgrades of software, so I used it for the upgrade.

Sadly, and probably for some mistake I did, everything ended up screwed, and my blog experienced some problems like not showing any post at all! I proceeded to contact the support team, and the response was awesome: they answered incredibly fast, and the solution was concise and correct.

I have to say that DreamHost has surprised me very positively!

One thought on “Me 0 - DreamHost 1

  1. Dreamhost?!!
    what you really have to install is the StupidFilter.
    As long as you don't have it you'll receive comments from people like me!!

    JAJAJA! :P

    By the way... write a post on the StupidFilter!!

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