Creative Labs and the proprietary idiocy

Just when you thought that the world of proprietary software and silly "intellectual property" business couldn't do it worse, they surprise you!

This weekend I learned about a message from a big boss at Creative Labs to an individual nicknamed daniel_k at some Creative Labs forum. Please follow the link to the message, because it is very interesting. And don't forget to read some of the responses.

The short story is that Creative Labs produces some sound cards and their drivers. Apparently some of the drivers would not work for Windows Vista, and daniel_k managed to program drivers for Vista (and Linux, I think), and distributed them for free (asking only for voluntary donations). The result: an open message in a forum, asking daniel_k to cease and desist.

The rationale for CL to do that seems to be that they didn't release Vista drivers for the sound cards on purpose, so that customers would have to buy new cards if they switched to Vista. With daniel_k's contributions, such customers are not forced to dump the old card for a new one, so this costs CL money!

Another example of absolutely vile acts from vendors of proprietary software (were the drivers free software, this discussion would be moot), and one more reason to say fuck you all!

The good part is that the story is already being spread around the net, and a lot of customers and potential customers are becoming angry customers and potential customers. I wish CL the worst for their vileness and short sightedness on the issue. They should have supported daniel_k, and use the ensuing possitive feedback campaign... but they didn't. Shame on you, Creative Labs!

One thought on “Creative Labs and the proprietary idiocy

  1. You are right man!
    Propietary drivers suck! And in addition to that, they don't even let the people use their hardware.
    Hei you idiots! We just want to pay you for letting us do your job!
    All this stupid people will dissapear as soon as there's some compani doing hardware with full supported free drivers...

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