Application of the week: Evolution

Around 1 month ago I said I had made the switch from KMail to Thunderbird for managing e-mail. Well, now I must confess I am making another switch, this time to Evolution, the native e-mail client for GNOME.

The main (sole) reason is that Icedove (Thunderbird) was unreasonably slow lately. Maybe it's a matter of versions (I'm running the latest in Debian Lenny), but it was driving me crazy. And so is Iceweasel (Firefox), but that's another story. Evolution seems to be as fast as KMail to start up/minimize/maximize/quit, and as fast as Icedove to manage the IMAP folders (something KMail was seriously lacking).

3 thoughts on “Application of the week: Evolution

  1. Iñaki, regarding Kmail being sluggish when working with IMAP, I recall reading about it. It was something to do with a single configuration trick, but I don't remember in detail. I'm sure you'll have no problems finding it, as it seemed to be a known fact. At least I remember reading about it in a few places (well, of course perhaps you already tried it and didn't work for you ;-).

  2. Thanks for the info. I will try to find the solution, because KMail really rocks. Thundebird and Evolution are great, but I really prefer KMail.

  3. Update: read this bug report

    I'm not sure it's the exact same problem I have, but in any case it seems that waiting for KDE4 and KMail2 is a good idea. When they come, I'll try them.

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