LaTeX input in Inkscape 0.46

I use Inkscape to do many of the drawings for my articles and talks, and have come across an irritating problem: I could not include LaTeX formulas on it. I have googled a bit about it, and the first match already led me to a bug report, where a comment by Kees Cook gives a fix that I quote below:

% cd /usr/share/inkscape/extensions
% curl -s '' | sudo patch -p0

The bug affects (and the patch fixes) Inkscape 0.46 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron and Debian Lenny (that I know of).

2 thoughts on “LaTeX input in Inkscape 0.46

  1. We are now in 0.47, does it work now? I also use it for reports (still haven't published but looking forward to use inkscape for it)

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