LWD - July

After another boring month, I have little to write about, besides my LWD project data update. You can read this May 2008 post for an intro.

As usual D2D means "days to domination" (the expected time for Windows/Linux shares to cross, counting from Feb 3, 2008), and DD2D means difference (increase/decrease) in D2D, with respect to last report (around a month ago).

Project D2D DD2D Confidence %
Einstein 247.9 +62.8 30.4
MalariaControl 996.1 +166.2 15.7
POEM 478.5 - 8.6
QMC 2516.7 +555.0 5.9
Rosetta 4457.5 +3155.8 1.8
SETI 3002.5 -1194.0 4.9
Spinhenge never - -

Except for SETI@home, all the D2Ds have gone up, showing that maybe the predictions so far were too optimistic. On the bright side (for FLOSS), SETI is, by far, the project with most users, so its results are the most reliable.

Recall that confidence percents are below 10%, except in two cases, which means logged data extent is small, compared to prediction time. This periodic report, thus, will get more and more accurate as months pass by.

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