Blackout summary VIII

A couple of hours ago a new failure from Iberdrola turned the power supply of the whole campus off. So, here goes the updated list of blackouts I have been able to compile, with comments if any:

  1. 2007-Oct-16
  2. 2007-Aug-27 (at least three short power failures, 5-10 minutes apart)
  3. 2007-May-19
  4. 2006-Oct-21 (they warned beforehand)
  5. 2006-Sep-14 (Orpheus fell, the DNSs fell, the DHCP servers fell)
  6. 2006-Jul-04 (Orpheus didn't fall)
  7. 2006-Jun-16
  8. 2006-Jun-13
  9. 2006-Jun-08
  10. 2006-Jun-04
  11. 2006-May-26 (The card-based automated access to the Faculty broke down)
  12. 2005-Dec-21
  13. 2005-Dec-13

Summary: 13 blackouts in 672 days, or 51.7 dpb (days per blackout). 50 days since last blackout. Average dpb went down by 0.05.

First post in the series: here

Blackout summary VII

Yesterday a new failure from Iberdrola turned the power supply of the whole campus off several times. So, here goes the updated list of blackouts I have been able to compile, with comments if any:

  1. 2007-Aug-27 (at least three short power failures, 5-10 minutes apart)
  2. 2007-May-19
  3. 2006-Oct-21 (they warned beforehand)
  4. 2006-Sep-14 (Orpheus fell, the DNSs fell, the DHCP servers fell)
  5. 2006-Jul-04 (Orpheus didn't fall)
  6. 2006-Jun-16
  7. 2006-Jun-13
  8. 2006-Jun-08
  9. 2006-Jun-04
  10. 2006-May-26 (The card-based automated access to the Faculty broke down)
  11. 2005-Dec-21
  12. 2005-Dec-13

Summary: 12 blackouts in 621 days, or 51.8 dpb (days per blackout). 100 days since last blackout. Average dpb went up by 4.2.

First post in the series: here

Compre libros y gane dinero

Cierto es que no gané mucho dinero, pero ayer compré un libro y volví a casa con más dinero del que llevaba... ¿cómo?

Fui con mi hermana a comprar un libro de Harry Potter (la excusa es decir que le gustan a ella), y como era sábado y un poco tarde, nos fuimos a Eroski (un supermercado). Allí encontramos un ejemplar que nos faltaba, por 19.00 euros (¡ménudo robo!), y lo cogimos. En la caja nos cobraron 19.48 euros, aunque le avisé a la cajera de que ese no era el precio que ponía en el propio libro. Ella me dijo que fuera a Información a reclamar. Así lo hice, con mis 52 céntimos de vueltas de un billete de 20 euros, más el libro y el ticket.

Pues bien, en Información nos devolvieron el dinero, que es la política que tiene Eroski cuando cobra algo de manera incorrecta. Hasta ahí todo bien: el libro me salía gratis, por 48 céntimos de error en la cuenta. Pero lo bueno vino cuando le di los 52 céntimos, para que la empleada me diera un billete de 20 euros. Resulta que se hizo la picha un lío y me devolvió 20 euros y cinco céntimos. Yo la habría sacado de su error, pero no me apetecía perder cinco minutos aclarando semejante minucia, y opté por ignorarlo.

Así que acabé llevándome un libro, no solo sin pagarlo, sino cobrándolo.

Happy Wikibirthday to myself

As of today, I have reached my first year of (English) Wikipedia contributions under the identity isilanes. I have accumulated over 2100 edits in that time, and created over ten new pages, not counting dozens of pictures of chemical structures I have made for chemistry articles.

Other contributions could be the logo of my University (UPV/EHU), that appears at its wikipedia page, many vandalism warnings to misbehaving users and disambiguation of links.

Some changes in the blog

The constant reader, if such there be, might notice that I have made some small changes in the design of the blog. I have made the right sidebar wider, and changed the I had there for one of the Jamendo player widgets. It features the music of groups I like from Jamendo, and will be updated automatically when I add "preferred" groups to my stats at Jamendo.

Happy listening, and I hope you don't find the modified layout worse than the previous one.

I cross the 2k edit mark in Wikipedia

Following my recent trend of using the blog to talk about myself, instead of about the FLOSS that gives name to the blog, and after the Wikipedia fever I talked about some days ago, I write again to say that I have surpassed the 2000 edit count in Wikipedia, as you can see following this link.

Still, as crazy and monomaniac it sounds, guess what category of Wikipedia I belong to, regarding edit count? "Prolific editors", maybe? Or "Wikipedians with over 1000 edits"? Or "Top X Wikipedia editors"? No! I belong to "Wikipedians with fewer than 5000 edits" :^(

Wikipedia fever

Yesterday was the last day of May, and an incredibly fruitful month ended, regarding my Wikipedia edits. As you can see in the previous link, I was 75 edits short of making 1000 edits that month! Approximately one half of all the edits I have done in Wikipedia in one year (in 18 days it will be the birthday of my first edit as Isilanes), where done in May 2007!

This huge (for me) amount of edits was possible due to the kind of activity I have had in Wikipedia as of lately. I realized there are a lot of chemical structures in Wikipedia that are of low quality, and I started to improve them. The main flaw of low q images is that they are done in raster format (PNG, GIF, JPEG). This implies that they lose quality upon magnification, and that the larger they are, the more space they occupy. In contrast, vector graphics (e.g. SVG) offer a perfect quality regardless of magnification, with a constant file size, no matter what output size we ask of them.

Actually, there is a page in Wikipedia specifically devoted to listing the (chemical) images that, due to being easily translated to SVG (most chemical skeletal formulae fall in this category), and showing a low quality, are suitable for being substituted by SVG counterparts.

Once I found this page, I started using the superb free software programs ChemTool and Inkscape to draw SVG counterparts for many structures. For each structure, a file has to be uploaded, the article including the raster image has to be modified to include the SVG instead, then the raster image has to be tagged as already superseded by a SVG, and depending on the case, it can be tagged with a proposal for deletion. In that case, it has to be included in a page listing the images and media for deletion, and the original uploader of the image should be notified, as a polite measure. This implies a bunch of edits per superseded image.

A great part of my May edits also correspond to the fact that I modified a previous SVG image that was to replace a PNG of some Free Software logos. Apparently the "old" SVG had some errors, which I corrected:

PNG version of the SVG image

This logo picture was used by a tag that appears in all articles related to free software, and I starting changing the appearance of the old pic in every tag with the new pic. The result: a whole lot of edits.

My uptime hits 60d

Following the irrelevant custom begun with a post two an a half months ago, I'll share my uptime data with the world again.

Short after my computer hitting 50d uptime (at the time of my previous post), I had to reboot it (I must admit it's one of the 3 or 4 times in ten years that I had to reboot for technical reasons), so now it is "building up" uptime again. As of the writing of this post:

% uptime
10:55:22 up 61 days, 18:56,  1 user,  load average: 14.22, 14.37, 14.27

I fear I will have to shut it down sometime soon, because I will be moving to a new lab (the DIPC). I don't know if someone will inherit my old computer and/or if it will be reformatted. Anyway, I'll post every time a 20d milestone is hit (yes, just because I feel like it. Last time I checked, this was my blog. Got a problem? Sue me).

Now back to work.

My music collection hits 6000 songs

Following the "report" series started with my previous summary of info about the music collection I listen to, I will update that info in this post.

The information has been gathered in the following ways:

1) Music file count with the following Perl script:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

chomp(my $cc_mp3 = `find /scratch/Music/CC/ -iname "*.mp3" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $cc_ogg = `find /scratch/Music/CC/ -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $cd_mp3 = `find /scratch/Music/CDs/ -iname "*.mp3" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $cd_ogg = `find /scratch/Music/CDs/ -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $jam_mp3 = `find /scratch/Music/Jamendo/ -iname "*.mp3" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $jam_ogg = `find /scratch/Music/Jamendo/ -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l`);

my $cc = $cc_mp3 + $cc_ogg; # all CC music not from Jamendo
my $cd = $cd_mp3 + $cd_ogg; # all commercial music (most from CDs, some from other sources)
my $jam = $jam_mp3 + $jam_ogg; # CC music from Jamendo

my $allcc = $cc + $jam; # all CC music

my $all = $allcc + $cd; # all music

my $mp3 = $cc_mp3 + $cd_mp3 + $jam_mp3; # all music in MP3
my $ogg = $cc_ogg + $cd_ogg + $jam_ogg; # all music in OGG

printf "Files: %5i\nCommercial: %5i\nJamendo: %5i\nOther CC: %5i\n",$all,$cd,$jam,$cc;
printf "In MP3: %5i\nIn OGG: %5i\n",$mp3,$ogg;

2) Playcount and other statistics, from the music player I listen to music with (Amarok). It also gives the file count, which I used to check the results of the script above.

3) Data in my public profile. Visit Wikipedia to know more about

4) The du Linux command, for getting the disk usage.

Now the data (in parentheses the difference with respect to last report, 4 months ago).


Total files        6015 (+1000)
  - Commercial     4164 (+220)
  - Jamendo        1820 (+765)
  - Other CC       31 (+0)
Total playtime     16d (+2d)
Disk usage         27GB (+5GB)
Artist count       718 (+91)
Album count        515 (+102)
MP3 count          0 (-1562)
OGG count          6015 (+2547)

Playcount          16744
Most played artist Joaquín Sabina - 1442 plays
Most played song   La del pirata cojo (J. Sabina) - 29 plays


Playcount          12446 (+1536)
Favorite artist    Frank Delgado - 91.5/100
Favorite song      Las cuatro y diez (L.E. Aute and S. Rodríguez) - 97/100

As you can see, I have converted all my MP3s to OGG, so I have dumped patented music file formats for good.

You can also notice that the and the Amarok playcounts are not equal. This disagreement comes from three facts: both counters where not initialized at the same time, is a web service that counts all the songs I play at work and at home, whereas the Amarok count I give is the one at my office computer only, and I am not sure that the threshold for Amarok for considering a song listened to is the same as the one for Amarok telling that I listened to a song (e.g. if I skip a song after 10 seconds of playing, maybe it counts as "listened to" for Amarok's database, but it is not long enough for Amarok to report the song as "listened to" to

It is also evident that my "favorite" song is not the one I have listened to most times. It has to be taken into account that a song is taken as "listened to" if it is played at least for some seconds, but not necessarily to the end. However, if you skip a song before it finishes, it receives negative points, even if it counts as listened to.

Neo uses the same keyboard as I do!

They are showing the movie The Matrix on TV right now, and I was casually watching it (not really caring much, because I had already seen it many times), when a top view of Neo's desktop shows... this:

The image comes from a video I had recorded (the previous time they put it on TV), and I apologize for the low quality. In any case, you have my word that the white keyboard that appears in the movie is the kind of keyboard I use at work: one of those curved ones, with two separated key areas, one for each hand. I think some go under the name "Microsoft Natural Keyboard", and I must admit they are one of the very few things M$ got right.

As a side note: I am looking desperately for another one (some) of those keyboards, but computer shops just won't deliver them :^(