Editing Wikipedia with mvs

I am currently doing some link disambiguation work for the Wikipedia, and as such, I have to find and replace the same strings many times, in many articles. The on-line Wikipedia edition is in general fine, but one would love to be able to use vim, for a task such as the one I'm taking. To do so, one can make use of mvs.

The mvs program allows us to download a Wikipedia article, save it as a file, then upload it again, after manipulating the file the way we want.

To log in to our Wikipedia account:

mvs login -d wikipedia.org -u username -p password

To download article "X" (beware the .wiki extension):

mvs update X.wiki

We can then edit X.wiki:

vim X.wiki

Then check it:

mvs preview X.wiki
firefox preview.html

And finally upload it:

mvs commit -m 'Your comment goes here' X.wiki

For more info, read the Wikipedia text editor support page