Me 0 - DreamHost 1

Yesterday evening I boldly decided to upgrade WordPress (the software this blog runs on), to version 2.5. DreamHost, my hosting service, provides easy click-through installation and upgrades of software, so I used it for the upgrade.

Sadly, and probably for some mistake I did, everything ended up screwed, and my blog experienced some problems like not showing any post at all! I proceeded to contact the support team, and the response was awesome: they answered incredibly fast, and the solution was concise and correct.

I have to say that DreamHost has surprised me very positively!

New version of Sociable WP plugin

Another reason to love FLOSS: developers are close to the users, and they LISTEN.

I recently started using the Sociable WordPress plugin for this blog. This wonderful plugin by Joost de Valk, lets you put some links to social bookmarking/news/recommendation sites on the web at the bottom of each post, so a reader can send your post to such a site with a single click.

There are many WP plugins that do this, but I liked the looks of Joost's, and the pleasant way of managing it. I chose Digg, Reddit,, Technorati and Slashdot, but I felt that at least two sites that I liked were missing from the available sites list: Menéame and Barrapunto.

So I boldly decided to contact the developer, Joost de Valk, and ask for them:

Hi Joost,

I have just discovered your "Sociable" WordPress plugin, and I like it a lot.

However, there is always room for improvement, and as such I would like to suggest you to add links to the following sites:

Menéame (
Barrapunto (

Both are Spanish "versions" of popular sites: Digg and Slashdot, respectively.

I mainly write in English, but I think that blogs with a Spanish audience could benefit a lot from these links.

Now I realize I even forgot to say "thanks in advance" or anything... I was a bit unpolite, I fear. Anyway, his answer came a couple of days later:

I'll add them in the next version, coming out... tonight I guess :)

Can I trust upon you to promote it a bit there? :)


It is actually true that a new version of Sociable has been released, and it includes Menéame and Barrapunto as available sites. So here it goes your promotion, Joost ;^)

Isn't it great when people collaborate and are generally nice to each other? Isn't everyone tired of a society where people don't do anything unless they get money or power in return?

Thanks Joost and other bona fide developers for your great work.

This blog is my OpenID provider

I really like the idea behind OpenID, and I already have an account at Weblogs SL. Of course, my also was a valid OpenID provider. Moroever, my site (and before that my EHU page) was turned into an OpenID provider by adding the following lines (extra blank added before "link", to make text visible):

< link rel="openid.server" href="" />
< link rel="openid.delegate" href="" />

But I was not completely happy with that. I when signing a comment in a blog (for example) with my WP blog URL, my nickname would appear as "handyfloss" (the name of the blog), not "isilanes" (my nick). If I used the Weblog URL (or that of, my nick would be "isilanes", but clicking on my nick would take the reader to that URL, instead of to my blog.

With this blog these issues are gone. I have installed the Yadis plugin, and now I can sign with the "isilanes" nick, and give a link to this blog.

The configuration of the plugin is really simple: go to Options->Yadis->Add New Service, and select "Other...". You will be asked for two data: "OpenID Server" and "OpenID Delegate" (both provided by your OpenID account, with Weblog or whoever). Fill in the requests, click "submit", and you're done!