USA is different

Yes, “Spain is different!” they use to say, mostly in Spain. But our friends across the ocean are different to most civilized countries, in we-know-what issue… I was taking a peek to the trailers for [[A Perfect Getaway]] (La escapada perfecta in Spain), in the FilmAffinity site (a site I really recommend), and look below what I found:

Explanation: the above is a still image at 00:49 of the Spanish trailer (I guess it is the same for all Europe, with or without voice translation, depending on the country. In Spain, voice is translated to Spanish). The below, is a still image at 00:33 of the original (American) trailer. Notice any difference in Miss Jovovich’s costume? Exactly, the friggin’ film is rated R, and boasts plenty of murder and violence. But somehow the viewer is not allowed to take a look at a quite candid image of a butt. At least in the trailer.

Of course it doesn’t strike me as a big surprise. I was surprise-proofed the day I watched kid [[Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball)|Son Goku]] have his genitalia covered by pious briefs in a scene of the American version of [[Dragon Ball]], where he is seen swimming naked (in the original Japanese version, and also the ones aired in Spain).

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Oil policy back in WWII

As you can see in this war-time poster by the USA government, the official policy on oil (ab)use has not always been “waste as much as you can”:

I found the picture in the [[carpool]] Wikipedia article.