A couple of weeks ago I sent a new to Menéame (collaborative news site in Spanish), and today I said to myself: WTF? I am running out of good ideas for blog entries (if I ever had any), so I could as well copy-paste that new here :^)

Basically, it follows the line of my first post in this blog (and a later one), dismantling stupid accusations of “vulnerabilities” of FLOSS programs (then, Firefox, now,

Kaspersky Labs announced some time ago that was vulnerable to a malicious script attack, something they tagged as “virus”, but which is definitenly not. The answer from OOo can be read at

This is not to say FLOSS is devoid of bugs and vulneravilities. I only want to point out lame FUD campaigns, no doubt sponsored by commercial software companies (you know who). The only aim of these misinformation campaigns is to make the average user think that FLOSS is not so good, after all, and that, if Linux doesn’t even have this invulnerability they speak of, then, what good is it?

Now, how lame is that? Instead of putting themselves together and fixing their pathetic crap of OS, they spend their money throwing shit to the FLOSS, in the hope that both will be regarded as rubbish, instead of none.

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