ogg2mp3 is out

The music loving community may rejoice, ogg2mp3 is out! OK, OK, that is too much to say, but nonetheless someone could find it useful.

Visit its site at: http://isilanes.org/soft/ogg2mp3

ogg2mp3 is a simple Python script I have made to make the task of converting OGG files to MP3 and the other way around easier. There might be other (better) tools out there for the same task, but I had some need, and this script fulfills it. ogg2mp3 can convert single files, lists of them, or even whole directory contents, and reads the [[ID3]] tags of the input OGG/MP3 files, saving them into the output MP3/OGG.

I basically convert bunches of OGG files to MP3 when I want to put them in portable players that don’t read OGG. I do the opposite when someone passes me an MP3 and I want to add it to my collection, which is in OGG format.


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