LWD – June 2009

This is a continuation post for my Linux World Domination project, started in this May 2008 post. You can read the previous post in the series here.

In the following data T2D means “time to domination” (the expected time for Windows/Linux shares to cross, counting from the present date). DT2D means difference (increase/decrease) in T2D, with respect to last report. CLP means “current Linux Percent”, as given by last logged data, and DD means domination day (in YYYY-MM-DD format).

For the first time, data for [[PrimeGrid]] is included.

Project T2D DT2D DD CLP Confidence %
Einstein 4.5 months +3.5 months 2009-10-14 44.51 (+2.42) 6.4
MalariaControl >10 years 12.64 (+0.09)
POEM >10 years 10.66 (+0.19)
PrimeGrid 75 months 2015-07-22 9.61 1.3
Rosetta >10 years 8.37 (+0.28)
QMC >10 years 7.92 (+0.05)
SETI >10 years 8.00 (+0.06)
Spinhenge >10 years 3.87 (+0.28)

Mmm, the numbers seem quite discouraging, but the data is what it is. On the bright side, all CLPs have gone up, some almost a 0.3% in 3 months. The Linux tide seems unstoppable, however its forward speed is not necessarily high.

As promised, today I’m showing the plots for PrimeGrid, in next issue QMC@home.

Number of hosts percent evolution for PrimeGrid (click to enlarge)

Accumulated credit percent evolution for PrimeGrid (click to enlarge)

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